Aleeza Melody Mandel

Major: Marketing Major, Advertising Minor

Hometown: Golden Valley, Minnesota

Favorite Drake memory: Definitely traveling to Uganda. Learning about other cultures was so amazing and a growth experience I will never forget. I made friends in Uganda who I still talk to today and created my own sustainable project for a rural clinic! Extra tip: Be open and SEEK to learn about other cultures and people different from you!!

One tip for Drake freshmen: Look at everything as a learning opportunity. Don’t just put your “thinking cap” on when you’re in the classroom. Every person has something to teach you, you just have to be smart enough to figure it out. Focus on building yourself. If you fail, you learn. If you succeed, you still learn. Both are great. Accept failure and accept growth. If you can start seeing things through a lens of learning from people, situations, professionals, and experiences, even if they are not ideal, I promise you will grow so much!

Plans after graduation: Working at Media Bridge Ad Agency in Minneapolis! And coming back for relays 2021 (:


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