Ashleigh Leon

Co-Owner + Creative Director at The Side Garage

Graduation year, major: 2010, Advertising


What your business does: We are a small design + print studio with one mission: make great things and support others to do the same.
What inspired you to start your business: I wanted to create something that could aid in supporting others to pursue their big ideas and dreams. It was also important to me to create something that cultivates community and encourages connectedness.

How are you using what you learned in the SJMC in your job? In the design and printing world we work with everything from corporations, startups, stay-at-home moms, artists, schools and everything in between. Each person or group has their own mission and vision, but they also have their own experience and process for how they landed there. The greatest learned skill I carry with me, is how to ask the questions to not just better understand a project’s needs, but better understand the client as a human. Behind every product is a person. By understanding the person better, you equip yourself to share the truest form of their story.

Our services include: Custom Design, Custom Screen Printing, On-site Printing, Print Parties, Workshops and Screen Printing Equipment Rentals


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