Hayley Schaefer

Majors: Digital Media Production and Theatre

Hometown: Dubuque

Favorite Drake memory: My Urban Plains capstone with Inman was great because I got to form even more close friendships. Or when all of my friends were together one night and about to head home for summer. Randomly Piano Man by Billy Joel came on and we all burst out singing along. It was one of those moments where you look around at the people you care about and can’t help but feel pure joy. That’s the only word I could use to describe it!

One tip for Drake freshmen: Don’t just stick to one specific friend group, branch out!! It’s really cool to be able to walk across campus and see TONS of familiar faces! Take advantage of being around a lot of people who are different from you. Most of all never stop learning and take at least one class with Heidi Lepper. She is a professor that impacted my life tremendously!

Plans after graduation: I am applying for jobs focusing on Social Media Strategy and Coordination! It is a passion of mine and I love seeing how it is changing how we communicate with others!


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