Jenna Zellmann

Major: Public Relations

Hometown: Norwood Young America, MN

Favorite Drake memory: Going on a J-Term trip my Junior year to Morocco, Spain and Portugal. It had always been a dream of mine to travel around Spain, and Drake helped that dream come true!

One tip for Drake freshmen: Explore your options! Take classes in subjects that aren’t on your radar, you never know what you will enjoy. Also, study abroad for a semester, the world will open up to you!

Plans after graduation: In June I will start working in Des Moines for U.S. Bank as a Digital Accelerator. I’m super excited to start my career with such a great company and look forward to putting my roots down in DSM.

Anything else we should share about you: I’m super bummed graduation got cancelled this year and our last semester didn’t end the way that we had hoped. But, I want every senior to know that they have accomplished something great and should be extremely proud of that.


  1. Ron and Eileen Pulkrabekrepkids

    We finally got the graduation.Saw all in your group. Very nice . In fact it was super Super nice info. in your comments. We admire all you have accomplished in 4 years. WE -Grandma & Grandpa are super proud of YOU! LOVE to YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ron Pulkrabek

    Heres to your friendly smile; it will get you that extra mile; and with your traveling itch; your brain will make you rich! Love Granpa


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