Jessica Vinaja

Majors: Magazine Media and English

Hometown: Chicago, Il (yes Chicago Chicago)

Favorite Drake memory: Meeting my current roommates my freshman year and being best friends ever since!

One tip for Drake freshmen: Don’t take your college days for granted! You might think you have all the time in the world to make these moments count but then one day it can all be cut short (For me, it was COVID-19). Make memories every single day, even if it’s just staying inside your dorm room with your roommate and eating pizza. You’ll remember these moments and they will be the memories you cherish four years later. Study for that test and get to know your professors, I promise they are so cool and care for your future. Whether you are Drake Busy or not, you aren’t doing it wrong! Find what works and push yourself a little harder each day to be a better version of you.

Plans after graduation: I will be taking a gap year to work a bit so I can apply to grad schools in the fall for data journalism!

Anything else we should share about you: I once considered myself a cate hater (I know I know, don’t judge me) but my boyfriend and I recently adopted a sweet black kitten. Her name is Alley Cat!


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