Reid Frederiksen

Major: Public Relations

Hometown: Martensdale, IA

Favorite Drake memory: My favorite Drake Memory is all the laughs shared in Lindsay Gilbert’s JMC 54 class!

One tip for Drake freshmen: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT overcommit yourself to the point of no return. You have four years here and there is plenty of time to involve yourself in many different things over that time. Enjoy college, because it goes way faster than you think it will.

Plans after graduation: Ideally I will be living in my own place with a full time job at a PR or Marketing firm. I have a few interviews lined up at some locations in Iowa City and Des Moines and hope to be in the industry ASAP!

Anything else we should share about you: I have loved every second of my time at Drake and i’m beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to attend a school that has such a high level of community and belonging for everybody regardless of personal differences.


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