Shannon Rabotski

My major is News and I have a German minor and some concentration I should really figure out the name of by now (I think it’s Germany and its cultural impact on the world? who knows). My favorite Drake memory was meeting Wolf Blitzer at the Democratic Debate in January and having him give me his mug. Yes, I kept the water from it and it now resides in an urn in my bedroom.

My advice to Drake freshman is to just relax – you’re going to get a ton of opportunities here and it’ll seem very daunting and overwhelming at times but I promise you, just take that nap and eat that ice cream. It’ll all work out.

I was hoping to go to graduate school in Germany for intercultural communication but the one I was looking at currently isn’t accepting international applications. Thanks, COVID 19. Instead, I’ll maybe just settle down and start a guinea pig farm.


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