Taylor Vos

Major: Digital Media Production

Hometown: Des Moines, IA

Favorite Drake memory: Starting the SJMC Podcast has been a major creator of new memories from interviewing John August to listen to KR tell streaking stories.

One tip for Drake freshmen: Nothing is going to go like you plan, but sometimes that’s for the best. Take classes from all fields of study, because maybe you find out you like a subject and you just didn’t like your high school teacher. It’s okay if you graduate with something completely different than what you came into college wanting to do. Be flexible, be curious, be open-minded. It will all work out.

Also, take a basic design class. There’s nothing worse than poorly formatted emails, flyers, announcements, etc. (Okay, maybe COVID-19 but I stand by my statement)

Plans after graduation: Right after graduation, I’m jumping straight into the political realm working with the Iowa Democratic Party. I’ll also continue running social media for Kelly’s Little Nipper. I’m hoping to continue my podcast and, if I have time, do some freelancing on the side. Or maybe I’ll move to New Zealand, live in a hobbit hole, and herd sheep. We’ll find out.

Anything else we should share about you: I’ve given up social media time to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you want to virtually hang out, DM me and I’ll get you my friend code.


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